2002 R34 GTR V-Spec II NÜR
Nismo Omori Factory “Fsport-R”

This car started out as a standard V-Spec II NÜR purchased new by the previous owner (a Nismo employee at the time) in 2002. Already being pretty special as one of the 750 Vspec II Nur’s and 1 or the 119 in bayside blue the owner took very delicate care of this amazing example with receipts for every service in its entire life as well as any aftermarket parts or replacements. In 2006 the car was brought to Nismo for the first round of many upgrades starting with an R1 engine and R1 turbo setup. This was a big improvement to the OEM power band offered by Nissan with the power being brought to around 400hp to the wheels the owner was content with this for a few years.

The owner now having the R1 complete engine packages for 3 years he decided to once again put his pride and joy under the knife, by then Nismo had sold out of all of the Z-Tune complete cars released in 2005 and had since come out with a new complete engine package that was very close to the Z-Tune specification and had been fitted in a few cars already. The engine was the Nismo F-Sport “R” complete engine. The owner now wanted to bring his car to the limits and make it as close to a Z-Tune as possible without spending the money attached to the name. The details of the complete engine package are detailed below, this complete engine package is 99% the same as the Z2 concept engine found in the Z-Tune complete cars sold by Nismo. The car also went through a chassis refresh as well as installed R35 Brake system at the same time similar modifications were achieved to that of the Clubman Race Sport package that Nismo offers but no such package existed when the owner had this work done.

Nismo has stated to us in email correspondence that they only produced 8 FSport “GT” and “R” complete engines respectively. This could be because of the use of the RRR block or things such as the Z-Tune cams offered in the “R” version of the engine. This does not include the 2.7L Fsport engine using the N1 block. To purchase one of the few remaining engines from nismo is around 7,000,000 yen or about $75,000 for the long block, not including turbos or installation in which has to be done by Nismo at Omori Factory. 

  • F-Sport “R” Complete Engine 2.8L

  • GT500 RRR RB26/RB28 block (11000-RRR45)

  • GT500 Crank (12200-RRR4A)

  • GT Main Bearing Inner Set - Grade STD 3 - Thickness: 1.827 ~ 1.830mm (12207-RRR43)

  • GT Connecting Rod Spec1 (12100-RRR4A)

  • GT Conrod Metal RB Grade G0 (12110-RRR40)

  • GT Metal Main Bearing Center Set STD 3 (12261-RRR43)

  • Nismo R1 Turbo's (1441ARSR45)

  • N1 Water Pump (2101024U27)

  • GT Head Gasket 1.2mm (11044-RRR4A)

  • Nismo spark plug (R7238-8) (22401RS2388)

  • GT intake gasket 0.85mm (1617SRRR45)

  • Nissan GTR R35 Injector (1660038B0A)

  • Nissan GTR R35 AFM (226807S000)

  • Nismo Super Coppermix Clutch Competition (3002BRRR47C)

  • Z-Tune camshaft (no part number, only listed on Nismo build sheet pictured)

  • Z-Tune piston’s (no part number, only listed on Nismo build sheet pictured)

  • NISMO intercooler 

  • NISMO oil cooler 

  • NISMO aluminium radiator

  • NISMO intake collector 

  • NISMO air inlet pipe (carbon)

  • NISMO Super COPPERMIX twin plate clutch

  • NISMO oil separator

  • 500ps / 420 lbs-ft torque

  • Nismo ECU and Tuning done at Omori Factory

  • Z-Tune Full Carbon front end (Fenders, Hood, Bumper, bumper lip)

  • Carbon Drive Shaft

  • R35 GTR Brakes

  • R35 GTR Injectors

  • Nismo Titanium NE-1 Exhaust

  • Nismo MFD upgrade

  • C’s short shifter for BNR34

  • Nismo (yamaha) front and rear performance damper

  • Nismo Z-Tune strut bar (last and only official one from Nismo)

  • BBS Wheel's

This build has been verified with Nismo officially.