NISMO LMGT4 18x10.5

NISMO LMGT4 18x10.5


size: 18x10.5

bolt pattern: 5x114

inset: 15

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Manufactured by RAYS Engineering, the forged, lightweight LMGT4 wheel design is a true classic among Nissan enthusiasts.

NISMO LMGT4 2017 model brings to you the same RAYS wheel matte type finish that is currently used for the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 actively participating in the Super GT GT300 class as well as the 24h Nurburgring race.

Features Include:
- Logo Machining, high rigidity outer and inner rim, and anti tire slip knurling

NOTE: Each wheel includes valve stem and center cap. Flat type cap is included. All wheels are Nissan hubcentric with a 66mm bore.

Installation of NISMO fenders (Z-tune type front), NISMO fender cover (rear) recommended on 18x10.5 wheels. We have both in stock!