RB engine gasket set

RB engine gasket set


This set includes the following:


-Cylinder head

-Rocker Cover Exhaust

-Rocker Cover Intake

-Intake Manifold

-Exhaust Manifold

-Turbo Charger Inlet

-Turbo Charger Outlet

-Valve Intake

-Inlet Tube

-Oil Pump

-Eye Bolt

-Oil Turbo Charger Outlet

-Oil Turbo Charger Inlet

-Oil Filter

-Oil Filter Cap

-Throttle Chamber

-Water Temp Sensor

-AAV Valve

Oil seals:

-Crankshaft Rear


-Valve Exhaust

-Valve Intake

-Crankshaft Front


-Oil Strainer



Washer – Drain Plug

This also includes one container of Nissan fluid gasket.

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