R33 GTR Autech (4 door) at Auction in Japan

A genuine Autech 4-Door R33 GTR going through auction this week. While this car might seem like a good deal to some as it's not officially an R grade, it's important to look a little deeper at the auction sheet to be able to determine if this car has some hidden demons lurking.

This car first of all has pretty high KM's at 144k and seems to have originally been silver and resprayed this red color at some point in its life. The paint is probably a indication of how this car was cared for .. hint it doesn't look good. While buying a car for cheap might seem like a good idea at first lets not forget the old saying of "you get what you pay for".

On that note I have also seen Grade 2 and 3 cars that are Rusty. So don't make the mistake that since its not a grade R car its probably fine without first having the auction sheet translated. Which is something we can have done for you if you are interested in a car to purchase through us as well as onsite inspection and pictures of the car!

john croweR33, Autech, Auction