Trap Team is excited to own this piece of JDM / Honda history that was piloted by the President of SPOON/TYPEONE  Tatsuru Ichishima himself in Macau GP in 2008. 

Spoon, the world-renowned Honda tuning specialist, took part in the Macau Road Sports Challenge, the tuned car competition held in the public road course Guia Circuit, with this NSX-R GT. The car's body color, two-tone blue and yellow is how it appeared in the 2008 race, they suffered from an accident in the qualifying round, but the car was repaired overnight that allowed them to finish the final race, where they won third place in their class.

The compression ratio was lowered in favor of higher boost, resulting in 550ps. 
The car has been kept under attentive care. The body and also all the mechanical components, including suspensions and brakes, are maintained in race-ready condition.

Presented in 1989, the first full-scale domestic supercar launched in 1990 is Honda NSX. Honda's enthusiasm for NSX can be seen from the fact that the world's first all-aluminum monocoque body was produced, and because of its production, a special factory was built at Takanezawa in Tochigi Prefecture. The engine is a C30A type V type 6 cylinder DOHC, generating NA but 280ps of the self regulated horsepower upper limit. At that time, the new car selling price of the former type MT model with the vehicle model of NA 1 was the highest in the domestic car at 8 million yen (the AT model was 600,000 yen high), but in Japan at the time it was booming in the bubble economy, It was rushing and it was said that they waited 8 years to deliver right after the release. 

Ayrton Senna, who was the driver of the F1 McLaren team, participated in the test at that time. Type R (1992), which was later dedicated to running with a thorough weight reduction, and type T (1995) with detachable roof, joined the lineup. Due to a minor change in 1997, NA 2 type equipped with a C32B type engine that expanded the displacement to 3.2 liters appeared. In 2002 the exterior decoration changed dramatically, the headlight was changed from retractable type to fixed type, and at the same time type R called "02R" was added. 

Based on that, as a homogeneous model for Super GT was released in 2005 is type R GT, the limited price of 5 vehicles, vehicle price of 50 million yen became a big topic. The difference from the base car is that it is changed to the basic mechanism and engine specification etc. by attaching the aero parts for which change is prohibited by the regulation of Super GT such as CFRP made bumper and air intake duct protruding on the roof. SPOON is known internationally as a Honda tuner that participated in the "Macau Road Sports Challenge" where tuning cars compete on the stage of Macao's gear circuit born with the NSX type R GT blocking the public road from 2008 to 2009. The body colored with two tones of calm yellow and bright blue which is the image color is one that can be known as a company's demo car at a glance. For the road sports challenge, We challenged with N32 Mechanical Tune Specification of C32B, and in 2008 I was in trouble with the qualifying, but I went to the final by the restoration work of the night and I won the third place. In 2009 I encountered an accident in the final and I could not finish the race without regret. After that, in order to enter the road sports challenge again, the engine was replaced with the C30A reform bolt on turbo specification. It was set to 550 ps assuming actual battle so as to lower the compression ratio at the same time as strengthening the piston and the connecting rod and boost pressure accordingly, but it is now without running the gear circuit. Of course, it goes without saying that the body, the suspension, the brakes, etc. are also made exactly and it shows a finish that can enter the race immediately.

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