2001 M-Spec Silica Breath

1/122 Silica Breath M-Spec (Same color used on the 40th Anniversary R35 GTR)

This color is more exclusive than Midnight Purple 2 & Midnight Purple 3 (122 Standard Mspec and 9 Mspec NUR in this color) 


In May 2001, the M·Spec was released. It was based on the V-Spec II, but had special "Ripple control" dampers, revised suspension set up, stiffer rear sway bar and a leather interior with heated front seats. The 'M' on the M·Spec stood for Mizuno who is the chief engineer of Nissan. The only other change was the removal of the carbon fibre hood which was replaced with the standard aluminum hood.

Grade 4 from Japan auction. Auction sheet pictured below.


  • BBS LM wheels

  • Titanium Exhaust + Mid Pipe

  • OEM Leather Mspec interior

  • 125,354 KM

  • Grade 4 Auction car